Easy Fix For Broken WordPress Permalinks

Wordpress Permalink Fix

Have you ever had your WordPress blog’s posts or sub-pages stop working for no apparent reason? Well, that happened to me recently. The home page worked fine but any page other than that resulted in an error page from the browser. How this happened I don’t know (if you have a theory, please let me know) but I did come across a quick and easy fix.

To fix this, you need to reset your permalinks in the WordPress admin interface. To do this, log in to your admin interface and click on ‘Settings’ in the left side bar. This should open up a sub menu. In that sub menu, click on ‘Permalinks’.

Once in the ‘Permalinks Settings’, change your settings to something other than what they are currently set to by clicking on one of the other radio buttons in the upper section of the page. If you’re using a ‘Custom Structure’, make sure you copy what is in there first as it will be wiped out when you change this. Now click on ‘Save Changes’. Then, change this setting to how you had it before and click ‘Save Changes’ again. Voila! Your links should work again!

Easy. Quick. Nerdy.

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