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Copy and Paste Without Formatting in Chrome

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Copy – Paste Relief!

For people who work extensively on the web, copying and pasting can be a huge pain; not because the act of copying and pasting itself is a difficult tasks but because when you copy some text from a web page, the formatting of that text will tag along. Normally you just want the content in plain text. People often end up copying the content into a word processor like Textmate or Notepad and then re-copying and re-pasting. What a hassle!

Well, there is a handy built-in shortcut in Google Chrome (my choice for best browser) that automatically removes formatting when you paste. Yay! If you are on a Mac, the shortcut is ‘Command-Option-Shift-v’ and if you are on Windows it is ‘Control-Shift-v’.

The 4 key shortcut on Mac is a bit of a ‘handful’ but it is well worth it.

Better Paste Takes the Annoyance out of Pasting Formatted Text – Clipboard – Lifehacker

Copying text from a web site and then pasting it somewhere else usually results in the formatting being copied over as well, which in 99% of cases in not what I want.  I’m definitely not alone on that either.

Someone has created this wonderful script for the extremely useful windows tool  ”Autohotkey‘ that will remove all formatting from a normal control-v paste.  For those rare occaisions when you DO want the formatting, simply control-shift-v and there it is.

So handy!

I have yet to write a post about Autohotkey itself but it is definitely one of the more useful Windows tools in my arsenal. You can check it out here:  Autohotkey

Check out more about the script at Lifehacker:

Paste Takes the Annoyance out of Pasting Formatted Text – Clipboard – Lifehacker.

Throw a Windows 7 Torrent Party

Techcrunch has a post about a very funny  spoof of the Windows 7 Party videos. The story and spoof are very timely as today is the launch day for Windows 7. You’ll find embeds of both an original corny-by-accident Microsoft video and the spoof.  It’s definitely worth a watch.

How To Throw A Windows 7 Torrenting Party Without Getting Arrested