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Fix For PayPal CSV Transaction History Download

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Have you been frustrated with trying to download your PayPal transaction history only to have the browser spin it’s wheels forever. Even if your report is small, the download still usually fails. I’ve fought with this many times and have finally found the fix. Apparently this is due to a PayPal timeout issue. You can fix this problem by using a terminal command to “aggressively try and keep the connection to PayPal alive” so the download can finish.

So, to fix this on a Mac,:

  • go to your History page on PayPal
  • select your date range
  • open Terminal or iTerm
  • enter the following
    • sudo sysctl -w net.inet.tcp.keepidle=10000 net.inet.tcp.keepintvl=5000 net.inet.tcp.always_keepalive=­1
  • enter your admin password
  • successfully download your transactions!

If your transaction list is huge you may still have to narrow your history search.

Thanks to Mark for posting this solution. I found it here:

Changing Where PayPal IPN Emails Payment Notifications

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PayPal IPN Email

If you use PayPal for receiving payments online you are likely using PayPal Instant Payment Notification (IPN) as well. This is very useful as it results in an email being sent to the email address you specify whenever a payment is received via PayPal.

However, the email address that you receive these payment notifications at is not necessarily the email address you have configured within your PayPal account for receiving notifications. To set or change the email address to which these IPNs are sent you need to modify the code in the file you point to in the hidden ‘notify_url’ that you set in the form you use for posting to PayPal.

e.g. if you’re using PHP  the field might look like:

<input type=”hidden” name=”notify_url” value=””>

In the above case, paypal_ipn.php is the file that gets called after payment has been made. Within this file is the code that send the actual notification email. To set the email address that will receive the payment notification you change the $from variable.

Note that if you want to change where the actual receipt from PayPal gets sent you need to change your primary business email address and then update this in the hidden ‘business’ field in the form you use to post to PayPal.